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Training & Retreats

Knowledge is Power but Skill Building is a Game Changer!


The Master Your Life ™ Organizational Training & Retreats are delivered in 90-min, half-day, full-day, and multi-day  sessions. Our research-supported curriculum is founded in the 5-Pillars of Effective Organizational Culture and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  It is designed to improve your workplace culture, team performance, and leader effectiveness.

All training sessions, Business Planning Retreats and Team Building Retreats are highly interactive and facilitated on-site or at a location of your choosing. We can customize content based upon your current needs or you can select from the list of most requested topics.


We cultivate principle-centered leaders, high performing teams,
and a positive and productive work environment!

The Work-Life Balance Experience

It’s Time to Put Wholistic Health on the Agenda

The truth is we are at our best when we feel “whole,” but most people are overworked, overscheduled, and struggling to juggle competing priorities.
As stress takes a toll, productivity wanes, our health suffers, and life can feel unmanageable.

The Work-Life Balance Experience is a day-long, interactive conference that cultivates the mindset and practices of total wellbeing. You can select from a variety of themes including  Women at Work, Healthy Lifestyles, Diversity and Inclusion, and Communication and Conflict Resolution.

During the first half of the day, participants enjoy an engaging opening plenary session facilitated by Self-Mastery Coach Tracey Knight. This high-energy group coaching session focuses on the development of critical Emotional Intelligence competencies that affect one’s ability to physically, mentally, and emotionally manage the ever-changing dynamics of life.

In the afternoon, we turn the day’s learning into lasting rituals by rotating around to theme-based Sensory Rooms (Hyperlink pdf of sensory room doc) facilitated by our team of expert practitioners. Each experience is unique and designed to increase access and exposure to traditional and non-traditional practices in stress management, meal preparation, fitness, health restoration, fiscal management, personal empowerment, relaxation, fun, and leisure.

Looking for a different theme? No problem! The Work-Life Balance Experience can also be customized to target a specific group, set of skills, or focus area of life.

Coaching & Counseling

Performance Coaching

Our Master Your Life ™ Performance Coaching program is designed to ensure accountability and improve performance of low-performing team members. The employee benefits from the support of an objective partner who will listen closely and understand the performance problem from the perspective of the employee and manager, summarize the pattern of performance that needs improvement, make recommendations, and guide the employee to create their plan for improvement. For 3, 6, or 9 months, regular follow-up is offered to ensure that the team member is taking full ownership of the process, as well as their actions and progress.

Performance Coaching is offered in increments of three with a minimum of six sessions.

Leadership Coaching

The Master Your Life ™ Leadership Coaching program helps senior executives and people with high potential to build on existing strengths, ramp up in new roles, develop strategies for leading in complex situations, and to go from “good to great.”

We also train managers on how to build effective teams and increase worker productivity and engagement using Emotional Intelligence and proven practices in workplace mentoring and professional coaching.

Leadership Coaching is offered in increments of three with a minimum of six sessions.

Career Coaching

Equip your staff with the invaluable support of a Self-Mastery Career Coach. Our expert coaches are skilled at guiding team members through the discovery of their innate gifts and how to align them to the organization’s goals. Participants explore potential career trajectories and devise a course of action that supports them as they advance through the ranks of your organization.

Career Coaching is offered in increments of three with a minimum of three sessions.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Don’t Let Personal & Work-Related Problems Impact Employee Productivity

We offer a comprehensive selection of provider, assessment, and referral services to assist your employees and their family members in overcoming obstacles that can interfere with life and work.

These services include but are not limited to workplace conflict, drug addiction, grief assistance, health issues, mental health issues, elder care, stress related concerns, legal advice, financial counseling, and anger management.

Public Speaking

Looking for a Female Motivational Speaker for Your Next Event?

Talk Show Host * Skilled Moderator * Public Speaker

Coach Tracey Knight is a refreshing and notable voice in the world of corporate culture, leadership and work-life balance. Thanks to her potency and prowess, she is a dynamic orator who is catching audience attention and creating a lasting impact. She inspires groups of all sizes and sparks meaningful conversation with new perspectives on thought-provoking and pivotal topics that will help you:

Master the Leader In You

Develop High Performing Teams

Cultivate a Positive and Productive Work Environment

Balancing It All: Work, Life, Love, and Play

Consulting & Concerige Services            

Culture Consulting

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Management Consulting

Personal Concierge

Business Concierge

“Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to personal growth.”
– John C. Maxwell

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