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Personal Mastery

Testimonials from our Personal Mastery Courses

This has been some of the greatest food I’ve ever tasted for the MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT. Tracey’s approach to SELF-MASTERY is unparalleled and gives you hope in an instant for brighter days ahead..So grateful I stumbled onto on if her videos and I’ve been hooked ever since. She wil have you “binge watching ” if you ever miss an episode.LOL GOD BLESS YOUR JOURNEY TRACEY! I’m ever so grateful for YOU SISTA! BLESSINGS!

LaTricia A. F.

Cincinnati, OH

Tracey brings it to you For Real! She isn’t here to play games! If you want to more for your life, she will definitely help you get it done. If you tune in, be prepared to do the work and see results.

Latrice C.

Absolutely SuperFunLicious! The topics which Tracey brings to life are blended in a manner which allows you to understand the true impact each of the choices we make has on our environment, our relationships, and our ultimate success. She is not just a coach for wealth, fitness, or relationships.. She is all that and much much more. The guests on her live segments are as intuitive, intelligent, business-life savvy as she. Get on her calendar if you want to ensure mastery of all things around you. Keep it coming. I am following!

Tyrone T.


“Tracey’s ability to connect with young women, like myself, preparing to enter the professional world by incorporating her personal stories is amazing. She allows you to realize that not only can you attain any goals that you set for yourself, but you can do so in a manner that is healthy – emotionally and physically.”

Aisha H.

“As a life success guru, Tracey pushes women and entrepreneurs to live limitlessly and to create a vision for their life and/or business that will propel them toward becoming the woman they are meant to be! Her workshops are transformational, explosive and leave you feeling ambushed by motivation and held captive by opportunity!”

Valli J.

Coach Tracey Knight is a mentor, coach and inspiration in my life. Her work helped me unlock more of my potential as an entrepreneur, daughter, friend, mate, humanitarian, and human being. How? Tracey’s work is about living life as the fullest, most authentic version of you. It’s about cutting the crap and releasing the baggage that often holds us hostage and embracing all of ourselves; the good, the bad, the public, and the shadow parts, to live authentically with purpose and great passion.

Jennifer B.


Organizational Mastery

Testimonials from our Organizational Mastery Courses

Tracey is a phenomenal facilitator. She is very creative and has great energy. She has the ability to get participants to think outside the box and to see different perspectives. The Influencer class was very interactive and participants left wanting more. I would highly recommend InView Solutions to meet your training needs.

Dena Terrell

HR Manager, Spelman College

“Participating in the “Ready, Set, Go” staff development training with Coach Tracey Knight felt like an activation! She is inpirational, motivational and empowering. The content was very useful and inspired me to embrace change and understand that there is always room to grow.”

Teacher, Milwaukee

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the professional services you provided to our Fulton County team. I am amazed at how you were able to successfully help our employees learn new skills, assess our strengths, find value in our differences and be vulnerable with each other to establish trust, all within 3 hours. You have certainly exceeded my expectations! Iyanla Vanzant’s show is “Fix My Life” and today’s experience with you put me in the mind frame of “Tracey, Fix My Office” because that’s what you did for our program. After you left we had much needed confrontations (not fights), danced, shed some tears and led from a place of transparency and honesty. We’re closer and more purposeful. Thank you, again, for helping the Ryan White Part A Program thrust into a new movement of progression from good to great!

Bridget Harris, MSW, CPM

Deputy Director Fulton County, Ryan White Part A Program

I had the honor and blessing of participating in Tracey Knight’s Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance Session.  The course material really made me think about my life and how I am spending my time.  All my life has been mostly doing for and caring for others, while this is a very positive and most important role, Tracey taught me that prioritizing self-care is of the upmost importance and allows us to live life purposefully and do what we were created to do.  Paying close attention to Spirit is vital to living a purposeful and joyful life.  I am deeply grateful for Tracey as well as her wisdom and guidance!  Thank you Tracey for guiding me and so many others towards essential self-care disciplines that have enabled all of us to make some positive and important life decisions”! 

Lynne H.

Habitat for Humanity Atlanta

It’s You Against You

Reviews for the newly released book.

It’s You Against You is a refreshing perspective on how to take ownership for your life and getting the life you want. This book has provided me with invaluable information and easy steps to take stock of what really matters in my life. It has helped me begin the process of self-acceptance and to walk in my truth every day. It’s a journey worth taking.

Lisa M.

Atlanta, GA

I love the book It’s You Against You! I am currently using it to get my entire life together and as a way to make sure that I am making time for self-care. I put my own spin on using it that works for me. I use it with my sister weekly we select a principle to go over. We use the ponder this and chat about how we can more effectively take care of ourselves and each other. I work a minimum of 6 days a week so I am grateful for the time that I spend committing to my personal growth and mental growth. 

Trish B.


Coach Tracey brings truth about the light within us and has created a wonderful way to communicate how to be our authentic higher self. Love this and so happy it was shared with me.

Labeebah T.

Atlanta, GA

You Revealed

Testimonials from our featured event.




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